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Science Week Pack

Science Week Pack

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National Science week is fast approaching, so we’ve put together this fantastic pack with lots of our favourite products for your students to try this science week. 

All of our products are made in Australia from local ingredients. Thank you for choosing to support local and sustainably farmed foods

Pack contains;

  • 1 x 375g pack Crunchy Almond Granola with Cricket Powder
  • 3 x 50g packs of cricket protein corn chips
  • 1 x 20g Chilli & Fingerlime Snack Crickets
  • 1 x 20g BBQ Snack Crickets
  • 1 x 20g Lemon Myrtle Mealworms
  • 1 x 20g Saltbush & Rosemary Mealworms